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Have any of you heard of Naikan? I just read an article about it for my course work to become a doula. I find it very interesting and thought it applied well here. The basic idea is to ask yourself 3 questions, they suggest doing it at the end of the day for about a half an hour and writing down your answers. The questions are: 1. What have I recieved? 2. What have I given? and 3. What troubles have I caused?
I love the example found here because it is so wonderfully comprehensive. I suggest reading the whole explanation at the webpage (it's about 4 or 5 pages long). I think I'm going to give it a try. I'll probably post my lists here. 
They also suggest using Naikan to reflect on a relationship.  You choose a specific person and ask yourself the same three questions, but specifically addressed to that person during different periods of your relationship.

I also liked something it said in the intro about Benjamin Franklin. It says that he had a meditative practice of his own where he wrote down 13 values that were important to him and each day would choose one to reflect on and to consider how his actions fit into it. I thought that was a great idea too! So, I'm going to make my own list of values and maybe give that a try as well.
Good stuff.
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