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Naikan Reflection

What have I recieved today? 
1. Rob woke me up with a kiss in plenty of time for me to get ready for the day
2. Ian got dressed, put on his shoes and socks, and put on his coat and backpack without being asked twice.
3. My kids did not bicker on the way to school and actually engaged in pleasant conversation with each other and myself all the way to school
4. My son's teachers kept him safe and intellectually stimulated all day
5. I wore a shirt today that was a gift from a friend
6. A man held the door open for Sera and me at the hospital
7. The military has provided an American doctor and a clean and attractive facility where I recieve free health care
8. The receptionist booked and kept my appointment, checked me in and notified the doctor that I had arrived
9. The corpsman was friendly and courteous and took all of my vitals for me.
10. When Sera accidentally bumped her head while walking to the exam room, a doctor came out of her office to see if she was OK and two corpsmen comforted her and praised her for not crying
11. The results of my blood tests were waiting for me because the people at the lab had taken my blood, performed the test and returned the results to my doctor
12. My doctor was kind, respectful, and informative
13. Someone left a Gardening Magazine in the exam room which gave me something pleasant to think about while I waited
14. Sera was quiet and well behaved throughout my doctor's appointment and a couple of other boring errands we ran today
15. I was able to shop at the Exchange which the military has provided for me so I can buy American products from store clerks who speak my language
16. An associate at the exchange went out of her way to help me find Boys swimming suits
17. Sera gave me one of her "I love you more than..." speaches
18. The military has also provided an office where I can get information, book tour packages and buy tickets to events and destination around Japan at discounted prices from people who speak my language
19. Rob worked hard all day so I had money to buy all of the things I bought today.
20. Sera did my Brazilian dance workout video with me, which made it more fun and made me feel less stupid and uncoordinated when I couldn't get some of the moves right.
21. My friend Christine invited me to the playground and when our conversation was interupted by her toddler, she called me after she got home to answer a question I had asked.
22. Rob listened with genuine interest while I told him about my day
23. Rob called to let me know he was going to be home later than he expected and to explain why and apologize 

What have I given?
1. I gave the kids their breakfasts
2. I reminded Ian that he had show and tell today and helped him choose an item to bring
3. I packed Ian's snack and his backpack
4. I dropped off and picked up Ian at school on time
5. I helped Sera put on her shoes and socks and coat--3 times
6. I brought Sera's Leapster to the doctor's office so she wouldn't get bored
7. I bought vitamins for my kids to help them stay healthy
8. I bought swimming suits for the kids for our trip on Monday
9. I bought tickets for our trip on Monday
10. I praised Sera for her good behavior on our outings
11. I sent Rob an email just to say I loved him and was thinking about kissing him
12. I invited Sera to join me for my dance workout which gave her some exercise and allowed her to enjoy doing something fun with me
13. I made Sera lunch
14. I emailed a friend to see how she was coping with a problem she's been having and to let her know I was thinking of her
15. I bought some sexy lingere because I know my husband will like to see me in it
16. I read to Ian for an hour
17. I took my kids to the playground 
18. I listened with genuine interest while my friend talked about some problems she is having
19. I helped my friend while she tried to hustle a fit-throwing toddler and a big bag of toys back into the building
20. I was understanding about Rob getting home late
21. I listened with genuine interest while Rob told me about his long and busy day.
22. I left a phone message for an aquaintance I know is having a hard time right now
23. I made dinner for my family
24. I read to Sera at bedtime

What troubles have I caused?
1. I complained about the fact that Rob has taken to shaving at work in the mornings and so his face is scratchy when he wakes me up in the morning.  I know this made him feel bad because he brought it up later in an email conversation.
2. I shouted at Sera because she didn't get dressed and put on her shoes when I asked her to
3. I was 5 minutes late to my doctor's appointment
4. I interupted the associate at the exchange to ask about boys swimming suits and took her away from the job she was doing to hunt down someone who knew  the answer
5. I spent a lot of money on leisure items (swimming suits and vacation tickets) which will mean less money that could have gone into savings
6. I forgot to bring my checkbook with me when I was running errands and so was not able to pay the phone bill like I told Rob I would
7. I shouted at the kids when they took too long to get ready for the playground
8. I didn't clean out the fridge or fold the laundry like I meant to, which means my house is still messy and I will have more work to do tomorrow
9. I ignored the kids after the playground to finish a project I was working on and they got bored which led to....
10. I spanked Ian because he was in the bathroom sticking a plunger to the wall and pulling it off repeatedly
11. I asked Rob to check on the kids the moment he walked in the door, even though he looked exhausted, because I wanted to finish my project

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