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looking for the bright side

It's Sunday, thus a new week has begun. Thank goodness! Last week was not as excellent of a week as I had hoped it would be, therefore I'm going to pin point at least 5 good things that happened during those seven days.

1. I am thankful for my new glasses that my mother so kindly bought for me. I'm also thankful that she and I were able to spend the day together since we don't get to go out and do much. (We stopped at a couple other places, including the library, where I made sure she signed up for a card.)

2. I am thankful for having such a sweet and loving boyfriend, who surprised me with roses on Wednesday. (One of his co-workers was in my town doing an errand, so my boyfriend had him droped off a dozen roses for me.)

3. I am thankful for the fact that my moods have leveled out quite a bit.

4. I am thankful that Clerks II expelled all of my doubts that it may not have been that great of a movie, nor live up to the splendor of the original. I am pleasantly surprised with how amazing this movie is and I may have to see it in theaters again, which is something I haven't done in about 5 years.

5. I am thankful that there's only two weeks & six more days until vacation time! woo!
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